Choir Master

Sɛx is an integral part of relationship but in our part of the world, it has become a taboo and its discussion in the public has mostly been frowned upon. However, one bold artiste is ready to give his fans sɛx education for free and he is no other than Choirmaster.
Can you imagine being in the comfort of your bed on a cold night with your loved one?  To the men, how well do you know if you give your women sɛxual satisfaction? This and many things is what Choirmaster talks about on his new song, Bedroom Cheers which will officially be released tomorrow, May 14.
Forget about the good boy role he has always portrayed himself but Bedroom Cheers is just one out of the series of sɛx education Choirmaster wants to give to his choristers. It is part of the Choir lessons. Funny. No.
But you cannot expect an Akuapem bred adult like Choirmaster to come out raw with the lyrics and this is where he proves his maturity and proper upbringing. But hey, the song is labelled as Adult Music, if you cannot take alcoholic beverage because you are under 18 years, then you definitely have no business taking sɛx lessons. Discriminatory? Not at all.
Now let’s come to the content of the song. Have you ever heard Choirmaster doing Dancehall music? If the answer is yes, then you definitely lied. Anyway, this time around, the Ghana’s Most Beautiful singer wants to out stage our “Dancehall Kings”. Push aside, the likes of Stonebwoy, Samini, Shatta Wale, Jupiter, you have a new contender and it is no other person than the man from the mountains, Choirmaster. Maybe, you will be judge when you listen to Bedroom Cheers.
But in these times when stakeholders in the music industry have raised an objection to sɛxually explicit lyrics, is Bedroom Cheers not disobeying their “orders” or is it an antic by the Choirmaster to get more attention from his Choristers. Now, read what he had to say, “No, this is just creativity. Just listen and you will know that creativity is at its best. This is my time to shine and I will shine like the morning sun,” he said.
Under the management of Blue Roze Entertainment, Choirmaster whose Ghana Most Beautiful song earned him a nomination at last year’s 4 Syte Music Awards said he is preparing for his performance at the Miklin Hotel in Kumasi at the 4Syte Pool Rave Party.
Choirmaster is yet to release his first solo album, CHOIRPRACTICE 1&2 which has songs such as Pull Him Down, Ghana’s Most Beautiful and Saved By Grace .

Watch out for Bedroom Cheers.