Ghana has a new addition to the music ecosystem, as RNL Music Worldwide makes an official entry onto the scene. Launched to great fanfare and joy at the BTC Bar Lounge in Tema, RNL Music Worldwide is a promising venture that seeks to make an impact locally and internationally with their signed talent.
In attendance at the launch were bloggers Zion Felix, Ameyaw Debrah, and Elorm Beenie. Also in attendance was media personality and Shatta Wale’s manager Sammy Flex.
The label also used the opportunity to announce their two signed artists: Ovadem and Shonddem.

The Ghanaian music scene has seen tremendous growth in recent times, and it is exciting to see a label like RNL Music Worldwide investing in talents. Speaking to the founder, Richmond Ntow Larbi, he revealed the label was founded based on a deep passion for music and the desire to see artists reach their full potential.

“The inspiration behind the label stems from a deep passion for music and a desire to cultivate a creative community where artists can thrive,” he shared. “Witnessing the transformative power of music and recognizing the need for a platform that nurtures talent, we established this label to support artists in reaching their full potential. Our journey began with a vision to create a space where innovative and unique voices could be heard, breaking through the noise of the mainstream industry.”

The primary aim of the label is to discover, develop, and promote exceptional talent to the world.
“We seek to provide a supportive environment for artists, enabling them to focus on their craft while we handle the business aspects of their careers. Our goal is to help our artists build sustainable and successful careers by offering personalized guidance, professional production, and strategic marketing.”

RNL Music Worldwide doesn’t aim to be regarded as just a record label; it is meant to be a major contributor to the evolution of the music industry.
“Ultimately, we aspire to contribute to the evolution of the music industry by introducing fresh, impactful sounds and fostering a culture of artistic integrity and innovation.”


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