Theophilus Morgan
Theophilus Morgan

It has been a very difficult 2018 for avid punters like myself. The massive investments by sporting clubs appears to be bridging the competitive canyon that used to exist between the powerhouses and the rest.
This and many more interventions in the game has made sports betting a difficult venture for punters. It was a mixture of disbelief, jealousy and admiration for that lucky man called Theophilus Morgan, when I heard, that he had found a way to break the betting bank of GHC 57,000,000 via Safaribet.
I spent a half of my day dreaming about how I can make use of this kind of money had it been my winnings. I have followed with keen interest since then, waiting for confirmation by Safaribet on this record breaking feat. I reached out to some of the sources that first broke the news, only to find out that the guy is battling Safaribet for his winnings, Oh No.
Further investigations have revealed that the issue has been forwarded by Morgan to be addressed by the Gaming Commission of Ghana.
The Gaming Commission needs to realise that Ghanaians are following this issue with keen interest. It is indeed a huge test to the resolve of the gaming commission to assuage the fears of Ghanaians, that the laws of this country favours the rich and that our state institutions are so weak that they will capitulate to the whims and caprices of foreign businesses against the ordinary Ghanaian.
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I have faith in the ability of the Gaming Commission to arrive at a truthful
verdict on this issue. Safaribet is one of the biggest betting companies in the country, with sophisticated systems in place to ensure that the integrity and interests of both parties are protected. This case has the potential to make or break the market for this company. Having seen proof of the bet slips and winnings of Mr. Morgan on social media and his version of the issue, I find it disturbing that Safaribet will keep mute on this issue months after it broke out. The questions I keep asking myself are;
1 . Have Safaribet ever sent a complaint or warning to Morgan with regards to the latter flouting the T&Cs?
2. Have Safaribet ever refunded the excesses of the amount staked by Morgan after reaching the Maximum permissible?
3. Why have Safaribet allowed Morgan to stake slips above the maximum payout allowed online continuously for the past 2 years?
4. Assuming there was some technical glitch in the system, why hasn’t it been rectified for the past 2 years?
5. What informed Safaribet’s decision to delete 21 9 out of the supposedly 220 bet slips placed instead of voiding them and why did they have to lock his account to do that?
6. Why did Safaribet release a statement on their platform that the matter had been referred to the Gaming Commission at the time when no such action had been taken, perhaps to deliberately divert the attention of its customers from their intended dishonesty?
I do not want to believe that Safaribet wants to deny the young man his winnings after they have profited from the same issues being raised. My advice is that they should sit down with Morgan and his representatives and prepare a payment plan to pay and sort their system issues out.
The VAR of the bet game in Ghana (The Gaming Commission) must ensure that the decision of the committee firmly raises the hopes of punters across the country in their ability to protect our collective interests. Merry Christmas Punters!!!