Wiyaala - Rock My Body (Binary Remix)
Wiyaala – Rock My Body (Binary Remix)



As part of the campaign, “WIYAALA UNLEASHES ELEVEN NEW SONGS IN ELEVEN WEEKS,” We are thrilled to present Week 4 of 11. Every Friday from 31st May through to August 9th, 2024, a new song is released. This week we’re dropping “Rock My Body (Binary Remix)

Guess what’s buzzing in the sound waves? Wiyaala’s 2014 banger “Rock My Body” featuring Jupitar has gotten a makeover, and it’s called the “Rock My Body (Binary Remix).” Yes, you heard that right. Binary??? It’s like Wiyaala went all cyberpunk and we’re here for it!

Now, with those robotic sounding vocals, you might be wondering if some AI wizardry is in the mix. Did a computer whip up this remix? 🤔 And if it did, would that change how we dance to it?

Let’s be real, the idea of AI jamming out in the studio, laying down tracks with a digital swagger, is kinda cool… and a bit freaky. But it’s 2024, and we’ve seen weirder stuff, right?

So, what if this remix was all done by an AI, perfectly mimicking Wiyaala’s amazing vocals? Would it mess up our vibe? Some might get all philosophical, worrying about the soul of music. Others might just wanna know if it still slaps. Either way, you can rest assured this is the real Wiyaala with a new take on the original song.

Truth is, AI’s been roaming into our playlists for a while now, helping discover new jams and even writing some decent tunes. But can it replace the raw energy of artists like Wiyaala? That’s the million-dollar question.

At the end of the day, whether it’s human or AI, if the beat drops and it feels right, we’re gonna dance. So, crank up that “Binary Remix” and let’s find out if our ears can even tell the difference. And if they can’t… well, maybe it’s time to say hi to our new robot overlords!



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