Social Media Week
Social Media Week

The world became one stage when the internet and social media emerged and everyone who embraces the new trend quickly, is a winner! This includes businesses, online quickly improves our fortune in business as we are quickly opened up to a market far beyond our physical presence.

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This is what Social Media Week will bring to life on the 11th -15th of September 2017, as scores of volunteers will storm various open markets, helping to set up various businesses online


With a partnership from Facebook and Google Skills for Africa, a directory is going to be created making it easy to find things in very popular locations in Ghana like Kantamanto


For eg. Imagine a directory that shows you where all the jeans sellers in Kantamanto are located, or where you can find every wedding décor vendor at Rawlings Park!


Convenience for the consumer, and great sales for the vendor!


SMWiAccra (Social Media Week Independent Accra) is calling on all organizations, civil groups, media houses to support this initiative through volunteering, publicity or any other form of support that they can


Now, see that waakye seller in your area? You realize she has made your Saturday mornings since you were just a kid! And Goodness her food is amazing! Now mention her on any of our handles, and we will find her and bring her online so that the world can taste her food too and expand her client base! Mention her popular name, and location on any of our handles @SMWiAccra on all platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)


Its that simple.


The world is running fast ahead, and we can catch up and even overtake if we put our minds to it and get our hands dirty


Get 1000 businesses online is an initiative by Social Media Week Accra and it is supported by Facebook, Google Skills for Africa (Wineloya Digital) and Powered by Vodafone


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To get involved in this initiative call 0506594040


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