Support 80% Ghana Music I stand with entertainers who have made it their passionate choice to follow their dreams as musicians but yet, in Ghana, the system that was set in place before most of us were even born is hindering the progress of the musicians.

They have been faithful in upholding the nation’s heritage by following their passion and delivering authentic masterpieces but failed by the system’s lack of regulation leading to a media saturated by foreign content that make it hard for their works to be heard.

Times have changed and we are appealing to the right authorities to help us the ‘ENTERTAINERS’ set this vision of 80% of Ghanaian Music on our radio and TV in motion, considering the enormous benefits to the musician and the nation as well.

With the push for 80% Ghanaian Music on our airwaves, we stand to achieve a total play of Ghanaian music on our radios and televisions which will help the nation as a whole with benefits including:

1. Creation of jobs through training of individuals to monitor and log information for the monetization of content aired for royalties distribution.

2. New talents will have an opportunity of being heard as an 80% Ghanaian music structure will create platforms for new music.

3. Getting rid of the stigma attached to music as a career as musicians will be well rewarded for their work through distribution of royalties.

4. To the Economy of Ghana:

In 2012 music contributed a little less than 1% to Ghana’s GDP even with lots more foreign music on our airwaves. With the push to 80% Ghanaian content, music will have the utmost potential of yielding from 20% – 30% contribution to the nations overall GDP.

A call to musicians and the media:

We are calling on every musician to join this movement as you (the musician) stand at gaining immensely when the move to 80% Music on our airwaves is set in place.

We are said not to be one and in that case this move will not be possible; so I appeal to all musicians to stand together, as one, to push this agenda through. We are all we got and it’s time to make our talents be heard. #80percentghmusic.

And to our friends in the media, we appeal to you as the mouthpiece our society to consider the campaign as a continuation of your brilliant works in the absence of policy in promoting not only our artistes but the nation and our culture.

We believe with your partnership, the sky can only be the beginning of this very important campaign. We therefore urge you to open up your platforms for a healthy debate that can, in the end, build a consensus for the good of all.

By: George Mensah Britton / Submitted