Jéermain’s latest EP, ‘CC: I Love You,’ is an extended playlist that speaks to the softhearted introvert who struggles to express their feelings. The EP explores the five essential types of love, including pure love, selfish love, spiritual love, obsessive love, and self-love. Each of the five songs on the EP (‘Forever,’ ‘Overflowing,’ ‘Je Reste Forte,’ ‘Delilah,’ and ‘Sa Wa Sa’) explores a distinct type of love with a unique sound and addictive melody.

‘Forever,’ the EP’s lead single, sets the tone for the rest of the project, exploring the kind of love thatdreams are made of. With soul-catching falsettos, lo-fi beats, and dreamy vocals, Jéermain enchants listeners with a distinctly afro indie-pop sound that reflects his afrobeat roots.

Jéermain’s music style, a blend of indie pop, R&B, and afro fusion, comfortably fits into the category known as alté. However, he was initially hesitant to embrace this style because he didn’t feel weird or cool enough to fit in with the alté scene. Nonetheless, Jéermain found the courage to express himself honestly with ‘CC: I Love You,’ an EP that explores the one topic he knows well: love.

For Jéermain, ‘CC: I Love You’ is also a love letter to himself, a journey of self-discovery and healing from the harm he inflicted on himself over the years. The word ‘CC’ is a play on his middle name, while ‘I Love You’ is a reminder to be kinder to himself.
Through ‘CC: I Love You,’ Jéermain aims to reintroduce himself to the music industry and his fans, expressing his appreciation for the love they have shown him throughout his music career. “My name is Joseph Kwesi Cycy Annobil,” he declares. “And I love you.”

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