Abraham Ohene Djan
Abraham Ohene Djan

The ongoing wrangles between Abraham Ohene Djan and Chris Vincent seem to have taken a different twist.
GhanaCelebrities a week ago published an article which stated OM Studios has been shut downed by the Revenue Authority, in the said publication, it was stated categorically, that, in their investigations into the issue, some workers of company revealed they are owed by the company in arrears for several months of which management have failed to pay.
Earlier this week, the Chief Executive of OM, Ohene Djan made public in a press release of all receipts indicating payment of all amount due the GRA. After that press publication to OM payment to GRA, Abraham Ohene Djan took to his facebook page on Friday, August 11, 2017 to threaten legal actions against the founder of ghanacelebrities, Chris Vincent if he fails to provide full details and names of all OM workers who made that purported statement carried by his website publication.

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This is what Ohene Djan posted on facebook;
“Mr Vincent, I do not know you have never met you and have never dealt with you over the years that I have operated in Ghana. So I don’t I know what your issue is with me and my company. But let me assure you that unless you are willing to provide a full story then don’t try and sell half stories as truth. Go ahead and publish all the names of all staff and people involved in your so called investigation not just the names that would get you clicks. As I have mentioned we are seeking legal advice on your issue and you may hear from our lawyers . I wonder how much tax you pay in Ghana making your money of a country and industry you didn’t help to build”.
Now that is clear on the side and stand of OM, we await the responds from Chris Vincent and his team to ascertain where this issue will head next.

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