Ghanaian rap artist, AJ Nelson, is the latest Ghanaian celebrity to launch a peace cause ahead of the December 7 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

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Dubbed ”Wise Up For Peace”, AJ Nelson carries a message of peace and making choices based on issues and with wisdom.

Explaining why he is doing this peace campaign after his colleagues have taken the lead, AJ said he is not following the same trait. Instead, he is adopting a social media strategy and will involve the masses rather than influential people.
”I am not doing this campaign because my colleagues have done the same. There’s an Akan proverb that says ‘plenty fish doesn’t spoil the soup’ and if you have been following me from day one, you would realise that I have always been a peace ambassador. Through my music and interviews, I have been preaching peace. ”My peace campaign is not the same as what some of my colleagues are doing. Me, being a poet and a writer, I like to put my works on paper so people can see and talk about it. I have my own peace quotes which I didn’t lift from anyone. I would share them on social media and after that, we will follow up with a video. I will not involve any celebrity because when it comes to war, you will not see them anywhere so I will involve the masses,” he said.
Many celebrities launched their campaigns early and AJ’s campaign came at the late hour but he has his reasons. With just a few days to the elections, AJ Nelson believes he would make a better impact with his campaign after the political rallies.

”I started late because I didn’t want to be competing with any political party. They are busy campaigning and getting people’s attention, and since I need the masses’ attention, I had to wait for the rallies and campaigns to be over. And like they say, it’s better than never so we can do a lot within this short period. I am not doing this because I think there would be a war but just want to help to maintain the peace we are enjoying in the country,” he concluded.

”Wise Up For Peace” campaign is an initiative of Corna Rock Music, a label owned by AJ Nelson.

Watch ”Power To The People” featuring Wiyaala here.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxNqMwv6LnI]