It seems these Nigerians in Ghana are dictating for us who they think we should vote for in the 2016 election. 

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Few days ago, Nigerian actor, Nkem Owoh, popularly known in showbiz as Osuofia endorsed H.E JD Mahama as the right president for Ghana and now, the latest is from Sabilo, a Ghanaian based Nigerian artiste who rather believes Akuffo Addo is the best leader for Ghana.

According to Sabilo in his recent interview, Akuffo Addo’s manifesto and his other records are enough to prove to Ghanaians that he is the perfect man to lead the nation not JD Mahama.

I’ve been in Ghana for a while and it seems most Ghanaians are not happy with the NDC leadership. I took time to follow these two parties, NPP and NDC and read their manifestos and, can say without fear that the right leader for Ghana is Akuffo Addo. Sabilo stated.

Sabilo also added by saying, I will welcome whoever wins this year’s election and will abide by their rules. However, despite the fact that i dont have the right to vote here in Ghana, I will urge Ghanaians to think of the nations success and development, and vote for the rightful leader to rule the nation, for Ghana is a great country.

Sabilo is currently in Ghana promoting his new music titled Wedding Day.

But wait, does he have the right to choose who is best for us? JD Mahama or Akuffo Addo, we living here know who we want and is best for us right?

Watch his Wedding Day video here..