Let me start off saying that I’m not doing this because this is my mans. I only decided to do this because people whose musical opinions differ greatly from mines agreed with me on the fact that this album is F*CKING GREAT.I got to know Klu thanks to @1RealJoeyB and I’ve f*cked with him since.

This dude has dropped a LOT of music in a very short span of time (I have at least 8 of his mixtapes/albums which he dropped between 2009 and now). And I’ve only posted like one or two of his songs, so you know that this post isn’t just because I fucks with him but because this album is F*CKING GREAT (this is gonna be a recurring theme btw).

Klu’s Discography

Klu Albums


So if you don’t know, Klu is a producer/rapper from Ghana. (He’s worked with a lot of the big names in Ghana on the production tip).Specifically, he’s a Number 9er repping Adenta. Now since I’ve known him (2010) I’ve known through watching him work, network, produce, make songs, collab etc that he’s one stroke of genius away from blowing and being next to run the GH Rap scene. First time I met him, me, him and Joey B went to Jayso’s studio. And even though he’d done songs with rappers on Skillions records, I could sense the tension or disdain from Jayso’s end regarding him.

Granted, he wasn’t as polished or as good as he is now overall musically, but he was making music that was up to par with Jayso’s camp back then. But you could tell that he wasn’t getting the respect he deserved. Yea, he hadn’t put in as many years as some of the skillions, but he had the talent to make up for it – I’ve seen this nigga make a the beat for a certified hit in less than ten minutes based off very vague instructions from Joey B.

But yea, he’s made a lot of music, some of it dope, a lot of it, was skippable. Not because it was wack, but because it didn’t particularly stand out. And as an MC, he wasn’t the best around. BUT he’s found his sound and has been able to stand out against rappers who lyrically are better than him (that’s the perks of being a producer too).

So anyway, back to this album. The best way (I think) to describe it is this – imagine all the smash hits in hip-hop in the past few years by 2Chainz, Chief Keef, Trinidad James, Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye etc. Think about those songs you’ve loved and gotten turnt up to in the past few years, take that vibe you got from those songs and add Ghanaian flavor to it (pijin, twi & ga lyrics, hooks, themes, topics etc).
Don’t Dull (prod. Kuvie)



Hamgb3 (prod KluMOnsta)


Now take the best “afrobeats” songs you’ve heard in the past few years. Listen to Salty (below) and imagine a bigger name like Wiz Kid or EL made it, and you’ll LOVE it. But as is the case with most under the rader musicians in Ghana, your songs aren’t good until you become popular. And the Naija man Edi Young adds the perfect complement to the song with his hook.


Salty ft. Edi Young (prod KluMOnsta)


Now the title track. Even if you can’t relate to what he’s rapping about, the songs just have that vibe, that get you to empathize with him.


It’s Just Different (prod KluMOnsta)


Now this song follows a pattern on the album where the title isn’t (lazily) taken from the hook. But rather from one line in the song. So you’re intrigued by it and want to listen. THIS SHIT SLAPS!!! The hook slowly builds up the tempo and by the time it reaches it’s peak, you’re caught up in a TURN UP trance.

Big Bang Theory [Sheldon] (prod KluMOnsta)


Next song has typical GH rap lyrics and a hook. But it’s atypical in that it doesn’t sound like a typical GH Rap song (minus the pijin).

He drops gems like “WATCH ME COME THROUGH WITH A’S AND B’S AND C’S HOW I D YOUR GIRL”  and leads off the second verse with this “Dem dey bore me, tell them all onyaesormi!”


Dem Seff (prod KluMOnsta)


This is a crew cut featuring his artists Jae Ghost and Kwame Jhosef. The beat is DISGUSTING. And JaeGhost (Ghana’s very own Styles P) drops some nightmare inducing bars.


Team Spirit ft Kwame Jhosef & Jae Ghost (prod KluMOnsta)


This song stands out because it wasn’t produced by himself or Kuvie. And it sounds more typical of Ghanaian music than anything else. But Klu does his thing.


Lotto Kiosk Interlude (prod. Unkle Beats)

Now after an interlude and a hardbody crew cut, you wanna switch it up and get back to partying with fat booty bitches. Can you NOT see yourself, tongue sticking out, bottle in hand, doing your thing at your favorite club? S/O to Kuvie on this beat. It’s something serious!


High Jump ft. Mr Eazi (prod Kuvie)


To show his versatility (if you’re not already convinced he has it), Klu takes on a more mellow and introspective song. But don’t think the uptempo vibe is dead. He’s speaking on his life and his drive, but not lulling you to sleep. I LOVE the sample on the hook.


Now I Do (prod KluMOnsta)


This sounds like something K’Naan or M.anifest would rap over. I don’t like the hook and harmonization over the beat. But I still rocks with it.


Confessions (prod KluMOnsta)


THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE NIGGA?!?!? SHEEEEEEEEEESH this shit is probably my favorite and the best song on this. You need to listen to this with Skull Candy Headphones with the volume turned all the way up and just feel your face scrunch up in the stank face. The first bar KILLS me haha


Remember My Name (prod KluMOnsta)


If you can’t sense the 2Chainz and Trinidad James influence on this, then I dunno for you. With that said, I’m not saying it’s not original. It’s more of taking their sound, flipping it and making it work for Ghanaian rappers. Jae Ghost still sounds scary even though he’s rapping about girls and partying. Joey B does his thing too. This song is all about HOW IT SOUNDS.


They Love Us ft. Jae Ghost & Joey B (prod KluMOnsta)


Now this is my least favorite song on this. It’s like the typical love song on the album, and it would’ve been cool because I liked Klu’s verse and the hook is nice, but honestly, Felly killed this for me. Once she said “we’re taking you on the ride of LOOOORRVVEE” I knew I wouldn’t like it. And her verse was corny.


Friday ft. Felly (prod Kuvie)


It took me like two weeks to realize that this song was a two-in-one and not two separate tracks. The first half is about him meeting a girl at a club and having fun with her and how they connected. The second half is about how they’re hooking up or whatever, but she has a boyfriend, and he’s thinking that even though he likes her now, what’s to say she won’t do the same thing to him that she did to her boyfriend  Real niggas have been through this predicament many times. Some girls are shiesty as fuck bruh.


Bad Gyal/Her Cheating Song (prod KluMOnsta/Kuvie)


This is a feel good love song, but I FUCKS WITH IT. The hook JUUUUUST dey be. It could work on any hiplife song, but the beat and verses make sure it isn’t. And I FUCKS WITH IT because of that. The hook is reminiscent of hip-life’s hey day in the 1999/early 2000′s, but the song is timely and relevant to the sound now.


Screaaam (prod KluMOnsta)


Cold ass sample. You might’ve heard it on Cyhi’s song with Big Sean. It’s a very appropriate song to end the album with. It’s like after maxing out on the treadmill, how you use the last 5 minutes to cool off. Or after mind blowing sex, smoking a cigarette or just cuddling. Good ass way to cool off and chill after all that INCREDIBLE ACTIVITY, which is the album.


Stay (prod KluMOnsta)


Rating – 4.5/5