The Ghanaian born tv star Alex kwesi Crassie who is based in Johannesburg South Africa is on the verge of making History with his ground breaking TV show called #TheRequestShow which is executive produced by Josh for PlanetTV on Dstv 328 Africa and GoTv channel 160 in Ghana and GoTv channel 73 in Nigeria .
Alex Kwesi Crassie talks about the power of live television and the  length at which he engages and interacts  with his audience as the best experience he has ever had in his ongoing  tv career.

#TheRequestShow is designed for viewer’s to own and control what they want to see on tv . The viewers are given the opportunity to send in their favourite pictures about their activities during lunch time and also call in on the show to express their views on the subject matter of the day and in return request for their favourite music videos which is then played on the show.


For one to carry a show of this magnitude which has mass influx of requests on social media and phone calls flooding in every minute  you simply have to be a master of human relations says Alex Kwesi Crassie.

“I love what I do its God given sometimes i look at myself in a mirror and continually ask myself this question Who Are You? I have a heart that is far bigger and larger than life and opened to pour out love every given day I step on set to deliver. I also  constantly remind myself of what an opportunity I have to improve and better myself to be a blessing to many. I have maximum respect for everyone who tunes in everyday to watch me. These people mean everything to me because they are the reason the request show is soo successful and has come to stay.”


“I work with an amazing dedicated technical team and a producer who understands the need to be consistent in puting smiles on the faces of people. We all have problems and we all going through various challenges in life the need to lighting up the spirits of people on a daily basis is what I bring to the table.”

“The response am getting on a regular basis is so uplifting for the mear fact that people always say I make them forget about their worries and pain anything I appear on their tv screens some also say that i am a Beast, a Comedian, a Prophet, a Parrot and so forth,”


“Come to think of it am a Ghanaian but the love am receiving from four axis of Nigeria and the Nigerian people baffles me and its mind blowing and humbling,” Crassie exclaimed.


Ghanaians can catch the #TheRequestShow from Monday to Friday from 12 to 2pm Ghana time on Gotv channel 160 and DSTV channel 328 and also live stream on


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