farouk mahama

There is controversy swirling around a new song, “Pressure” which among other things makes mockery of President Mahama and exhorts him to do more to deliver on his better Ghana agenda.

The song which is quickly gaining strong following in under the name Farouk a name that is not immediately known to music observes and analyst in the country. It is however known that the late Alhaji Aliu Mahama, two term vice president during the John Kuffour administration, has a son by name farouk and many believe he may be behind the song.

The late vice president’s son is not currently active in politics but if confirmed, the song could be a clear indication of his views and dislike for president mahama’s government

Either way, it may soon be co opted by opponents of the president to increase pressure on the already embattled president. Xcess music the label behind the song has refused to confirm the identity of the song writer at this time.

A reliable source has confirmed that Xcess Music is owned by farouk and the fact that the art work of the song doesn’t show the face of the artiste behind the song gives some credence to this story. However Cabum who was also featured on the song has remained tight lipped on the issue.

Download the song and listen

Pressure (Feat Cabum)