Ama Adem
Ama Adem

Ama Adem is a UK-based Ghanian singer-songwriter, releasing her long-awaited re-debut on June 18th with the “Faded” music video inspired by love and lockdown.

The talented singer began songwriting at the age of 9 and has evolved in her craft, taking from her experiences and influences around her. From fellow singer-songwriters to Ghanian legends and just brilliant performers, today her masterful storytelling can be attributed to a mix of western and Ghanian cultures.

Currently balancing her music career with her career as a computer engineer and tech analyst for an investment bank, Ama is ready to re-debut herself on the music scene with this single and video with the promise of more music this year.


Bringing melodies and rhythms across multiple genres, Ama delivers soothing vocals and lyrics based on lived experiences in order to take listeners on a journey as they navigate their own lives. Lying somewhere between afro-soul and afropop, Ama is keen not to be tied down by genre constraints.

The “Faded” video, shot in Ghana last December, depicts Ama incorporating dance elements into the video as she mentions this is a key element to overall performance. The message behind the video is the metaphor of love as this journey, a cruise, and she explores the idea of trust and safety within a relationship on this journey. The motif of letting go relates to exploring a person without having a life jacket and once again this idea of trust. Then with regard to lockdown, everyone is in their room so the video also explores the fantasy of love physically taking us far away.

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Who: Ama Adem
What: Video Release
When: June 18th, 2021