Amakye - Den Na Ensiida (Prod. by LiquidBeats)
Amakye – Den Na Ensiida (Prod. by LiquidBeats)

Den Na Ensiida being the debut single of  Amakye after his MTN Hitmaker 7. In this song the artist seek to encourage listeners to take risk and not to be comfortable in every endeavor they find themselves in  as comfort sometimes could be an enemy of progress.
He also throws light on hypocrites who lurk around and offer no help but are quick to cash in when success comes knocking.
In all of this all Amakye seek to tell us is whatever thing you want to do in this life just go for it and don’t spend energy on all the reasons why what you want to pursuit won’t work but rather why it should work after all what’s the worst that could happen that hasn’t happened before? Go out there and get that dream

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Amakye – Den Na Ensiida (Prod. by LiquidBeats) [DOWNLOAD]