It is beautiful that Accra, Ghana has become the favorite Global destination when it comes to Christmas activities in Africa, and it has been so for the past 3 years and this year feels like an Amapiano December.

Not even COVID-19 or the new variant Omicron can slow down the volumes of people trooping to Ghana to experience the beautiful forms of hospitalities Ghanaians have to offer.

Aside from the peaceful nature of the country, the entertainment scene has been buzzing, and if you want to see all your favorite African stars at one place at a particular period then Ghana is the destination. 

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One gets to enjoy the various sounds Africa has to offer, and the music is always banging. Last year was amazing for Ghanaian music, as the Ghanaian sound took over the club and party scenes, as the drill sound (Asakaa) coming from Kumerica took the world by storm.

This year the story is different, as the South African wave turned global – Amapiano – has dominated the music scene in Ghana for the past two months.

I can say the success started with the global reach Master KG’s Jerusalema got from 2021, but Focalistic joining forces with Davido further elevated the sound from the South to the West.

Nigerians accepted the sound and now, one might even mistake Amapiano as a Nigerian sound and now Ghana is following suit. We have seen acts such as D-Black, Stonebwoy, Kelvyn Boy, Quamina MP, S3fa, and more tapping into the sound.

The sound is so popular now that, you can’t go to an event without hearing an amapiano sound, and that is what keeps the party going.

At Junkfest, it felt like a back-to-back playback of all the songs, as most of the DJs, tapped into the Amapiano sound and they kept repeating the top sounds, from Focalistic’s Ke Star to Monalisa by Lojay.

I love Amapiano, but the repetition of songs, across various events and event centers, is reducing the excitement of stepping out because every night feels the same.

I believe there should be a variation, otherwise, music will not be the motivation for stepping out to chill.

Amapiano is the theme for this year but we also want to jam to other forms of music.


Opinion by Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh – Music Services Manager at Muse Media Networks