Talented Ghanaian rapper Kweku Lee makes another impressive capture on his budding career with his consistency and energy towards pushing and striving twice as hard on his new record “We Dey Move” produced by his long-lasting producer SlvmLife.

“We Dey Move” brings an entirely different vibe and feel to the Leegend fan base, as his

previous tracks released are his way of flexing his lyrical muscles and proving himself as the

powerhouse rapper he is.

“We Dey Move” carries a totally different energy from his other works

of art, and if you are really keen on listening, he pays homage to them with this record, which

shows a sense of remembrance and gratitude for the tracks that made him a household name.

From the electrifying beats to the steady but body vibrating bass drops, to the

extremely catchy chorus, “We Dey Move, We Move” is not only going to make anyone who listens to move, but is going to spark a new-found desire to hustle hard, strive to be successful all day

everyday, and seek nothing but perfection in every facet of life, be it work or play.

Everything about this record screams progress and is a step in the right direction for him as

an artist and as a person striving to make it through the everyday charades of life.

Enjoy “We Dey Move” by Kweku Lee .