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Nov 20th – Toronto, Andria Thompson, the reigning Mrs. Universe Jamaica, is elevating her commitment to positive global impact. With a focus on international collaboration, she is extending her influence to communities worldwide, including the Ghanaian, Caribbean, Americana, and European populations. Andria continues to inspire, uplift, and empower individuals from diverse backgrounds.

In her latest endeavors, Andria Thompson showcases unwavering dedication to humanitarian causes. Notably, she announced participation in the 6th Annual Cancer Awareness and Fundraiser Gala by the Cancer Warrior initiative on November 17th, 2023. As a survivor of Endometrial Stage four cancer, Andria emphasizes early detection and women’s health advocacy. Her commitment to making a difference extends to the Christmas Queen Drive on December 19th, 2023.

Andria Thompson is not just a beauty queen; she is a woman of faith and hope, believing in the power of unwavering faith to turn the impossible into reality. Her story is one of inspiration and advocacy, breaking stereotypes and encouraging women and young girls worldwide to be “Uniquely You.”

As a Certified Image Consultant, Educator, TV Host, and reporter on GFTV, Andria Thompson’s multifaceted career aligns with her mission to promote positive self and body image in women and young girls. In addition to her accomplishments, she served as a media correspondent for NA Management Inc during African Fashion Week this year and recently conducted an interview on KITV for “Benestelle: Inspires,” broadcasted in

Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa in November 2023, further empowering lives as the reigning Mrs. Universe Jamaica.

Andria carries on the legacy of her late father, Uzziah (Sticky Thompson), one of Jamaica’s musical greats, demonstrating a commitment to preserving and extending his musical heritage.

Recognized with awards such as the Woman On Fire – Community Activist Award and acknowledgment as one of the 100 Women to watch in Canada, Andria Thompson continues to make a mark. Her numerous accolades include being celebrated as one of the Black Canadian Role Models through the Diversity Advancement Network and receiving the Award of Excellence from the Toronto Police Services.

Dr. Andria M. Thompson holds an Honorary Trio Doctorate Degree from Mcformalsdale Christian University, a distinction she holds with great esteem. Passionate about community well-being, she collaborates with leaders and organizations to give back to her community.

Andria Thompson exemplifies grace, strength, and dedication, making a significant impact as Mrs. Universe Jamaica. Her tireless efforts to empower women and young girls are a testament to her commitment to a cause greater than herself. Andria’s journey echoes the belief that every test becomes a powerful testimony.

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About Andria Thompson:

Andria Thompson, Mrs. Universe Jamaica, is a Certified Image Consultant, Educator, TV Host, and reporter on GFTV. She is the author of five published books and the Compiler of an anthology entitled “DESIGNER’S ORIGINAL.” Andria is passionate about promoting positive self and body image in women and young girls. As a survivor of Endometrial Stage four cancer, she advocates for women’s health. Committed to a cause greater than herself, Andria uses her platform to make a positive impact on communities worldwide. She is the daughter of the late Uzziah (Sticky Thompson), one of Jamaica’s greatest percussionists, vocalists, and deejays, and has received numerous awards for her outstanding contributions to her community and beyond.