Mark Okraku Mantey
Mark Okraku Mantey 

Entertainment Programs are part of the Structure of the Arts industry therefore the worse thing that can happen to the industry currently will be to wake up on Monday Morning NOT to hear KMJ’s voice on DayBreak Hitz 103.9fm and that is very possible just because of one Man.

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Mark is an embodiment of “Vindictiveness” and trust me if you step on his toes you will be his enemy forever just like Lucky Mensah said and he will not hesitate to Mafia you at any opportunity he gets and trust me there are a lot of Lucky Mensah examples out there.
If a Character who has problems with almost every stakeholder is in this industry then what good can come out of the Industry he imaginarily heads.
How come a whole Creative Arts interim board of 36 members can be Mafied just for 1 man to occupy that seat and call himself the president whiles no one voted for him. If he wants to be president why won’t he use legitimate means but rather use political Mafiarism.

He has no shame since he should have rejected that position after insulting the stakeholders in that industry. For someone who has benefited so much from the industry to turn around and say he does not want to have anything to do with the Arts I believe it’s a shame he took up that “by force” appointment by President Nana Addo Dankwa.
If someone has been able to insult the whole industry saying that its filthy what it implies is that he has Absolutely NO respect for the industry and therefore will not in anyway help the industry when even the opportunity presents itself.

Even though we sometimes complain about Socrates, someone should just tell us ONE significant thing Mark has done since assuming that office and compare it to what Socrates as NCC Boss is trying hard to achieve or is it that as a Marketing graduate now he feels the Arts is lower than his standard and therefore the Finance Ministry would be a better option for him.

The Creative Arts position is a Vital position but the truth is nothing good will come out from it as long as Mark stays there.

A leader is someone who brings people together so putting someone whose Modus Operandi is to DIVIDE and RULE is just like throwing that industry into the Dust Bin.

Political interference in our industry from the days of Bosompra till date has been the Bane of our industry so if President Nana Addo really cares About the Arts Industry then he should remove his Party foot soldier from that position and allow the institution to run.

If the President is not aware then someone should please draw his attention that Politics divides and we will not allow it into the Arts just to divide us further.

In conclusion what I will say is that if MARK does not GO the industry will not GROW.

Below is a Quote from Mark just 8 months ago

“My political ambitions would be destroyed by the creative arts. Anytime someone from our space takes up a position; the agenda is to bring him down and I don’t want people to think that all I can do is creative arts. Don’t box me into creative arts when I can do other things,” he said on Joy 99.7fm.

#BringBackKMJ #MafiaAway #VhimMoveMent

By Enock Agyepong