Asem A.S.E.M,  Asem Bye Bye hit maker took to social media, twitter and schooled the selection board of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. His lessons centred on the Artiste of The Year category.

Errors and what some would describe ‘unfortunate nominations’ filled this year’s list. While some artiste including Guru and Asem expressed their disappointment for not been nominated, fans of laughed about the issue on various social media including facebook, twitter and Black Berry Messenger.

On a good note some artistes are also well satisfied with it and have no problem the nominations. 4×4 and Kesse took to social media to thank their fans for the support and prayers for the nominations.

It’s quite clear now you cannot satisfy everyone in the music industry.

Asem whose debut hit was with ‘Pigaro’ & ‘Give Me Blow’ which won awards some few years back, this time around was not pleased with the nominations and quizzed why he was not including him in the Artiste of the Year category.

It should be noted that, Asem has always had issues VGMA and always made “noise” about it. His tweets today expressed how dissatisfied he is when he stated “I have serious questions that needs answers”

Check out Asem’s lectures below.