After much anticipation, Ato Kasa is finally releases the long awaited ‘KASA’ EP.
Ato Kasa is a Ghanaian musician who communicates a wealth of knowledge and wisdom through his art in his native Fanti language. Ato’s fascination with the issues of life fuels his deep, insightful and thoughtful lyrics hence an extra attention is needed when listening to his music. Basically, all you need to do is to LISTEN when Ato SPEAKS, this being the creative inspiration behind his name, Ato Kasa which loosely translates as ‘Ato speaks’.
Ato was born and raised in Takoradi, in the Western part of Ghana. Growing up in a musically talented family, Ato idolized his brother, Scooby Selah, now XLNC, of TH4Kwages fame, a well-known music group act in Ghana in the early 2000s. He was inspired to pursue music at a very early age and was quite privileged to be well influenced by seasoned musical legends like Gyedu Blay Ambolley, A.B Crentsil, C.K Mann and Paapa Yankson. Ato, at a young age of 11 was very musically inclined, he wrote his own lyrics and rapped as he played beats with his armpit drum (Dondo). As he matured, his music talent was nurtured and matured with him. He started writing music in Junior Secondary School and after Senior Secondary School, he had about 10 records to his credit.
In 2006, Ato decided to go commercial and adopted the Ato Selah brand. With his first single, “Gyama Awo Mpo Enwu (you no go die?)”. This thought-provoking song was well received and established an enthusiastic fan base. He was known for his unique style in the Fanti rap scene, and his popularity began to grow. He developed a definitive style which found a very appreciative audience. After a while, he decided to further his education and after that, worked while maintaining his dedication to his music. His record label Tredeii music, now Vimsion Sounds, featured talented acts like Blaqkmallam, Storytym and Deewaii. He skillfully juggled working and dropping awesome hits.
2016 saw the rebirth of a more focused, highly committed version of Ato Selah as he rebranded to the Ato Kasa we know and love today. Truly, he is just like an interesting book with many amazing chapters. As Ato Kasa, he unveiled his Kasa EP album which consists of awesome sounds. Between February to October 2017, he put together 6 classic songs to serve the world. It is possible that the Kasa EP will eventually launch his career in the music scene both locally and internationally.
Evident in his lyrics, it can be seen that Ato Kasa is a detailed person who puts serious thought into every single word he says. Punchline after punchline, syllables and rhyming sequence are always on point; he makes magic. He is outgoing, down to earth and loves speaking in parables hence, he is noted for his popular phrase ‘Entsease da’ which means you’ll never understand. His musical lyrics speak to listeners in great depth and makes them yearn for more. He is a versatile performer with great stage-manship. His amazing break-dancing moves always make his audience go wild. This is proof that Ato Kasa is the next big thing to watch. Just look out for him because he is spreading his barriers like wildfire.

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