The controversial man behind ‘Political Confession’ is back again. Atsu doesnt seize to amaze his fans with his humour. This time around, the hip life legend chanced upon, Castro,4X4, Obrafour, Kwaw Kesse Sarkodie, D-Black, expressing what he thinks people say about celebrity life and the living your life on the screens and the airwaves. No stone was left unturn in this song, Atsu was bold enough to talk about his good friend Castro’s rumour of suffering from stroke.

The next superstar climbing the steps fame steadily, Nero X voice brought in a soft touch with some singing just for those who mighty have their anger rising after listening.

I had the chance to meet Atsu in the studio to witness the hardwork which went into producing this track, the several stages it has went through just to get a perfect mixing.

You need to hear this.

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