In a world shrouded in confusion, where the truth is often obscured by layers of deception, XLNC Fiifi Selah emerges as a beacon of enlightenment with his latest single, “Awakened Souls.” Born Emmanuel Fiifi Botchway, the Ghanaian artist, renowned for his reggae influence, delivers a transformative anthem aimed at guiding listeners through the labyrinth of life.

Produced by the world-class talent Mistaci at MVF Studios, and set against the backdrop of the Red Hot Riddim, “Awakened Souls” is a testament to XLNC’s commitment to authenticity and musical mastery. Directed by the visionary Director Tee, the accompanying video is a visual feast that perfectly complements the song’s powerful message.

Scheduled for release on May 27th, 2024, on all major digital platforms, including YouTube, “Awakened Souls” promises to be a revelation for those seeking true knowledge of self. XLNC Fiifi Selah, formerly known as Scoobyselah, is no stranger to the limelight. As an award-winning broadcast journalist and a member of iconic groups like Sass Squad, Th4 Kwages, and Squadges, his contributions to Ghanaian music are etched in the annals of history.

With hits like “Serwa,” “Nana Esi,” and “Taxi Driver,” XLNC’s reggae-infused sound has captivated audiences for years. Now, after a 14-year hiatus since his first solo album, he returns with “Awakened Souls,” a testament to his evolution as an artist and a reflection of his unwavering commitment to truth and enlightenment.

What sets this release apart is XLNC’s collaboration with JahMikal Entertainment, a powerhouse label based in the USA and Jamaica. Teaming up with Jamaican-born veteran superstar Mikal Asher, XLNC sparks a dynamic synergy that transcends borders and cultures. This collaboration goes beyond mere music; it’s a fusion of ideologies and a celebration of shared values.

As XLNC prepares to unveil “Awakened Souls,” his partner, Mikal Asher, is gearing up to drop his own single, “Mustard Seed,” in June—a testament to the collective vision of JahMikal Entertainment and its dedication to spreading messages of positivity and enlightenment through music.

“Awakened Souls” is more than just a song; it’s a call to action—a call to embrace the highest version of oneself and navigate the complexities of existence with clarity and purpose. In a world inundated with noise and distraction, XLNC Fiifi Selah’s voice rises above, reminding us that true wisdom comes from within. So mark your calendars, for on May 27th, 2024, the world will awaken to the soul-stirring sounds of XLNC Fiifi Selah.


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