Big Roc


Big Roc, Executive Director for Incredible Entertainment and Manager for Chris Attoh, Paulina Oduro, Prince David Osei and Gospel Musician Abena Ruthy has called on Awards Academies to reward works of Artistes who originally create their stuff. He has bemoaned the fact that musicians especially those in the Gospel Industry are fond of riding on existing songs to claim trophies. He thinks that is undeserving at all and also kills their creativity. Owing to the fact that these songs are already popular, the artistes get to ride on them to claim fame which mostly attract the attention of Awardees. He emphasized that they should pay more attention to songs that are well produced because ‘popular songs are not necessarily good songs’. He added.

‘I believe the Boards who do the selection must delve deep into the origins of these songs and not just look at their popularity. This should be done in order to encourage originality and strong creativity’ he reiterated.

Hemaintained that it is fine to bring back these old songs for people to enjoy. However, the artistes should not be awarded for just bringing them back into the system as though they are the original composers let alone wins awards with them. What happens to the original owners? He asked rhetorically.

Creativity is what should be encouraged. It is becoming a norm in the Gospel circles and has even landed some artistes into legal tussles. This act should not be encouraged with awards. It is not enough to award a song because of popularity. We have to dig deep to know if the artistes or their team created the songs. That is what should be encouraged.

Our old composers have mostly been neglected and some have even died in abject penury. We all need to wake up to build a strong and well protected industry for posterity to applaud us when we are off the scene.

He ended by saying he encourages his artistes to stay original and tries to unearth the potentials within them. On that score he urged all to expect incredible works from the Incredible Entertainment camp.