These two music specialists have joined forces to tell an untold story of how they started, how they have displayed tremendous courage and commitment over the years to be where they are now. Accepting responsibility regardless of the pains and agony and maintaining high level of dignity and honor is their pride. The 7 tracklists promises nothing but an ecstasy which suddenly overwhelms your mind like an unexpected and exquisite thought. It’s attention-grabbing in a fashionable and trendy style. Title of the tape is #PronoSt #BZTape.
All the world will lay stretched before them like the open palm of their hands. This is the untold story of two genius from different world of passion journeying on the same mission thus music. One represents B4Bonah (artist), the other Zodiac (producer). Together their ‘BZ’. Its a silhouette story because it talks about how they both emerged from the unknown (Prono St. C7 Tema).
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The tape is a compilation of records with other artists in the industry for their fans to know and enjoy what the label (Mimlife) and it’s act plus producer has been up to during the first quarter of the year. It’s actually going to be done annually. The tape wishes to bouy up B4Bonah’s fans to have a feel of playlists they love jaming to during studio section at Mimlife Studios.
1. Winner’s anthem
2. Fit
3. The sun
4. Jumping jumping
5. Sofo moko
6. Shit happens
7. Hard-way
You cannot bury the sun… ‘BZ’.
Cover art by Afroscope.
Jumping jumping video by @david_duncan_95.
Record labels:
Sarckcess music.
Ground up Charley.
Villain Studios.
Pre-order #PronoSt #BZTape on—b4bonah-x-zodivc