257370_226547784038937_5939030_o Although Zainab O. Sheriff was evicted from the Big Brother Stargame, she seem to be the most favourite with are carefree attitude. Today, many are those who don’t remember Keagan ‘the winner’ but Uglyzed (her display moniker on Blackberry messenger). It was perceived that her chance for the BBA ultimate was high hence her fans didn’t take it likely with Big Brother’s eviction.


When her fans heard she was in Ghana starring in her first movie production from our last week publication, even though we did not state her location, they managed to find her on set at the Nima Police station, Accra.


Her easy flare in acting commended addendums in other to extend her number of scenes. The CEO of Venus Films Production, Abdul Salam Mumuni visited the set ‘Jewelz Production’ during the week and was so impress with Zainab’s acting. “You are a journalist right? Please do a background check on her because I don’t believe it’s her first time acting” he gives our reporter an assignment. The Venus boss also took the opportunity to congratulated Juliet Ibrahim for the taking the risk by giving such a huge role to a ‘first time’ actress.


Other producers have also showed interest in working with her in their next project. “Acting is always something I admire and have always wanted to try my hands on, not on full time basis but the responds I’m getting from Film Makers across Africa and my fans especially here in Ghana; I think I might take it more seriously. It’s fun to be here in GH and am loving every bit of my stay here,” the International model revealed this to HELLO! GH.

Story by: Yemoh Ike