Ghana’s high life icon Bisa Kdei, has once again proven to be the number one African musician with huge audience appeal in Canada.

Two years ago, the multiple award winning artiste had the biggest crowd ever gathered to witness any African musician perform for them. As if that wasnt enough to prove his hard work to the world, Bisa Kdei was in Canada few days ago for the Ghana @ 60 Unity Concert and visuals we have here tells us how packed the event was.

One may ask, what is so unique about Canadian crowd? Well, just so you know, Canadians are the kind of citizens who care zero about events. You can be the Puff Daddy headlining an event but might have a flop show because it takes more than “celebrity status” to pull them to your event.

Some of your favorite musicians have visited Canada to perform and factually speaking, these musicians didnt enjoy their crowd because Canadians are unpredictable when it comes to who is headlining this event.

However, Bisa Kdei for the second time has proven to be the only African musician who can fill out an event hall, with thousands outside.

Two years ago, the All White Party with Bisa Kdei had hundreds of people (though they have valid tickets) moved out from the venue because it was so packed that you cant even breath, while thousands were outside wanting to enter. This year was massive even than that of last two years.

Pictures and videos from his recent show in Canada below..