Blaq Out (Jay Quayson)

Branding is very important in the music industry. A good crafted brand is what sells. In order to stay on top of the game, It is very important for an artiste to be identified with a unique name. A name that can easily be remembered by fans and any one else.

Sensational singer, popularly known on stage as Blaq Out signed to UK based record label Issy Wizzy has made a quick change to his name. Though not expected, I see this as a good move that will go a long way to contribute to his success. Quick search on google will produce a result of several other Blaq  Out which is not good thing.

The Ghanaian Music industry has seen many artistes changing their names; from the then Batman to now Samini, Daddy Lumba to DL, Abortion of 4×4 to Coded and Yaa Pono to Proverbs.

The news of Jay Quayson’s (Blaqout) name changes first broke out as a rumour so I had do a fast link up to the him to confirm and get the information from the horse’s own mouth as well as get my facts right.


Fiifi Adinkra: What inspired you to do music and not acting, modelling or comedy?

Music was all over me. I grew up in an area where music was predominant. In my family, I had all my siblings doing music and deep down within me, I felt the zeal to become a musician.


Fiifi Adinkra: How did it all start for Jay Quayson?

It all started during my school days at Nassiriya Islamic Basic School, in Takoradi, Ghana. I was a member of school choir. And did a couple of performances.


Fiifi Adinkra: Why the name the change of name from Blaq Out to Jay Quayson?

Actually, Blaq Out is a great name. Had that name from my fans due to my complexion. I have a dark skin. Jay Quayson is in honour of my family. I love my dad and the whole family so much and I know I am a great musician and will be one of the greatest songwriters and singers in the near future.

It would be very appropriate for people to call me or address me by my family name. For the world to see how great the Quaysons are.


Fiifi Adinkra: Its obvious you feel great about the change of name?

Oh yeah. No doubt I feel so grateful since it my real name.


Fiifi Adinkra: Don’t you think the change of name will have a negative effect as well on your fame since your fan base keeps increase at a fast rate?

Oh no! Not at all. Due to my versatility, creative and my unique voice fans are able to recognise my voice easily.

Funny enough, I thought about the whole issue over with my fans before coming out publicly with it. Amazingly, about 90% of my fans supported and recommended Jay Quayson especially the ladies saying it’s a sexy name (with a big smile on his face)

Fiifi Adinkra: Rumours has it that you debut album is still in the studio cooking when should fans expect it?

Very soon, somewhere in the middle of this year. Jay Quayson hitting the airwaves like never before.

Fiifi Adinkra: 2013 promises to be a good year for you, what’s the secret behind your success and where does the inspiration come from?

First of all, I must give thanks and praise, glory and honour to the Most High God, there wouldn’t be Jay Quayson without him. The secret behind my success has been hardwork and determination. Not forgetting my management, Issy Wizzy for their support.

Fiifi Adinkra: Did you feature any other artiste on the upcoming album?

Yeah, I featured a whole bunch of great talents. Castro, Ruff n Smooth, Stonebwoy, E-Nice of Echo fame among others.

Am still in the studio working on more tracks for the album, hoping to have other voices on it.


Fiifi Adinkra: How many songs do you have to your credit now?

As a songwriter, it actually difficult to do a count on the number of songs I have as at now. I have 3albums in the pipeline waiting to be released. I have over 48 singles are done and waiting to hit the airwaves.

Fiifi Adinkra: That amazing, I believe you have a host of featuring too.  Your hook on BB’s “Asorte” is what called for my next question. How many featurings so far?

If my memory serves me right over 20 songs  out there has the voice of Jay Quayson on it.

The endless list includes:

Ruff n Smooth – Injection

Guru – Emaa Kuo & Woedimewu

Macho Rapper – Obaaye

Diojo – Joggle My Number

Rozay_GH – Facebook Love

Bra Qweku –  Twa Wonaase

Enuanom – Ngozi


Fiifi Adinkra: As a songwriter I believe you’ve written songs for a lot of artiste. Can you kindly point out some of them?

[laughs] Fiifi you dey disturb ooo’ Well, I wrote, Guru’smind blowing “Maa Guo”, Tiffany’s hit song “Begye Wo Last One”,  did most of Gifty Osei’s award winning songs, E-nice’s “Don’t Go there”, Rozay_Gh “Facebook Love” among other hit songs which I wouldn’t like to disclose.


Fiifi Adinkra: I must confess, I didn’t know you featured on Guru’s “Emaa Kuo” and I believe it not only me.

[Laughs] Yeah Fii, many Ghanaian do not know this. My trademark is my unique voice and style of singing. Fans got to listen carefully to my songs and they will easily identify this uniqueness.

Fiifi Adinkra: 2013 just started, what should fans, Ghanaian and our brothers in the diaspora expect from you and your management?

Lots of surprises. Cos we’ll be taking GH Music to the next level.

Fiifi Adinkra: What do you mean by “Taking GH Music to the next level”. we keep hearing this from artiste every day and yet the industry is at a standstill?

My music is already making it big in Europe, US and Africa especially South Africa. One of my videos is now on Europe’s mainstream TV stations. It’s also on channel 232, Ben TV, Clear and receiving massive views on youtube.

That what I mean by taking GH music to another level, being on the same platform as the big names in the world’s music industry.

Fiifi Adinkra: Any last words for your fans?

First of all, a very big thank you to all my fans and everyone who has supported my career. Lest I forget, I don’t have fans, I have friends because we are one big family. I thank them for believing in me and also encouraging me to bring out the best in me.

I say Happy New Year to all of them and I promise to be obedient, and humble to their constructive criticisms.

Fiifi Adinkra: Its been great talking to you

Anytime bro, I dey for you.


Check out these two hot track off his debut album.

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