Social work to others have to be the right of everyone who has been blessed with abundance. Philanthropic work is not done to for the giver to just show of, it is done for those who don’t have to feel love. With this as motivation, Blogger, Kobby Kyei, CEO of Kobbykyeinews is set out to commence his project; One Child One Book project.
The project comes from the things he [Kobby Kyei] has seen around him. He has witnessed students around him who can’t afford a book or a pen for themselves because of this, education becomes very difficult. He has however pledge not to allow simple things such as a Pen and a Book derail the academic journey of some students, his project.
Reaching out to Kobby for a word he said “It would surprise you when you travel to deprived areas and you find out the reason why many people are out of school is that, they don’t have books to write in. We have a responsibility as citizens of this Nation to ensure that the future leaders are properly taken care of that is why I want to embark on this project. It doesn’t seem to be a very big project but it is going to serve a huge cause. We can’t leave everything for Government, if we have the means, let’s embark.”
The project would start in 14th September and He [Kobby Kyei] and his team would visit two deprived schools in the central region. It wouldn’t be only books he is going to donate, but he would donate books and other educational materials such as Pens and maths set. To support, kindly send your donations to ‪024021333‬.