Growing up as a young boy, Urban Gospel Artiste Collins G. Oppong realized that he was lyrically gifted. He had a flawless ability to interlace words and had a great time enjoying a word play of words. In his high school days, he started writing lyrics and rapping within the Hip Life genre, (Circular Music).  Bra Collins has carved a niche for himself with his gift of creating mind boggling phrases with his unique accent which is so unique of him. Growing up, his experiences and encounter with God in his life has made him to be so endeared to God as he embraces the unfailing love and blessings God brought his way and continues to bring.
Bra Collins aspires to draw the youth to Christ Jesus through the power of music and Evangelism which to him is the heart beat of Christianity. Spanning over a period of 15 years in music, he brings loads of experience and a rich addition of flare and dexterity unto the Urban Gospel scene.
For Bra Collins, many a people are yet to come to grips with the fact that the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus has brought salvation and is the greatest love of all that God brings in totality with much more benefits than just salvation which is a complete package on its own.
His philosophy in his Christian walk is that, God is not a fast food joint that one can run to in moments of dire need, but rather, He is the kitchen that prepares the whole meal, being there right from the beginning of the process till the latter stages of it watching us with keen interest providing guidance, real love and care thereby endowing us to walk in His ordained purposes like Ephesians 2 verse 10 says.. ~ For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to walk in good works which God has before ordained that we walk in them.

Bra Collins – The Sinner’s Prayer (Feat Fisal) [DOWNLOAD]