Born KwasiBrenyaBaah, rapper/singer/ writer, Brenya is one of the leaders of the new school pushing the boundaries of music with his voice, content and melodies.

“I felt I had the talent and writing, recording and performing always fascinated me so I thought it won’t be bad to do that as a career. I rap and sing and try not to limit myself or my imagination when it comes to creating my music. So I feel whatever genre hits me at a point, that’s what I am going to record.”

As a Bachelor Degree holder, Brenya chose music over sitting in an air-conditioned office from 9 to 5.

“I had to sacrifice my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and recruitment by a very prominent firm right out of school for music because I believe more than anything I have a story to tell. My family thinks I should work and do the music part time but I see this music thing as a full time job and want to concentrate on this and nothing else.”

Brenya started by writing rhymes and hooks in high school but his interest in music peaked when he entered the Garden City to study.

“Everything started here in Accra but my hunger for a music career was at an all time high around 2009 when I was still in KNUST.

Staring from oblivion the singer/rapper now lords over Ashongman, Kwabenya, Dome, Taifa and Haatso unapologetically because his hooks and rhymes hold these environs like captives.

“When I listen to good music I get inspired to produce works that can match up to them. I don’t work from a Vacuum, I know the blueprint is already there and all I have to do is find those who take the craft serious and study their works and try to out do that. By so doing, my works stand out and come off very good.”

With a management deal with HiGrade Media Consult the now double award winning artiste broke his leash a long time ago by winning two awards from two categories that had Sarkodie, EL, Trigmatic and several other established artistes.

“With my first single LIFE; I got two nominations at the Ghana Gospel Industry Awards and I got both awards, Alternative Gospel Song of the Year and Alternative Gospel Video of the Year even though I was competing with EL, Trigmatic and Sarkodie.

“When I was nominated the pressure of them being established artistes was worrying considering how fresh I was on the scene, however when I looked at the song and video that got me the nominations, i was sure I stood out very well and had a chance of winning at least one award. I must confess it felt very great winning not just one but the two categories I was nominated in. I think that is the best thing that has happened to my career thus far.

Currently working hard to top his first single’s achievement, Brenya is heavily recording with chart topping artistes including ASEM, Kofi Kinaata and a few others.

“I am trying not to use the collaborations too much because I feel I have to work and make good music so people get to know what I can do. I will be releasing the official video for my new single Barikisu in October, 2014 so people should watch out for it.The song is already on heavy rotation now across major radio stations across the nation.

Barikisu was produced by SenyoCUE and this is about my confessions for a girl I had a thing for. Barikisuis basically appreciating womanhood.”

Winning in not just one but two categories containing the best of Ghana’s rap pack Brenya reveals he doesn’t ‘believe in competition”.

“I see it as a market and if you bring the best product people will flock to it. It’s about knowing what the people want to listen to at every point in time and serving them nothing but that. They are the tastemakers. The more you satisfy them, the more hits you gather in your catalogue.”

With the realization that “the industry doesn’t give the underground too many opportunities”; He is leaving nothing to chance because “You listen to radio and almost every station has the same playlist, I am hoping to create music the fans can’t look pass when they need good music to fill their emptiness. It’s a lot of hard work promoting, advertising and marketing it at the same time. I know a lot of artistes who made hits but because they didn’t take some aspects of the craft serious, they fell off along the way. I am not leaving anything to chance.

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