Lloys Kayana
Lloys Kayana

Over the last few years we have seen a lot of celebrity relationship that do not last not even for a year.

There are so many examples that we can give; from the Juliet Ibrahim’s to the Nadia Buari’s but one new celebrity weird combination we have seen these past few months into 2019 is one that is worth sharing.

We have seen some intimate pictures between a Nigerian base Ghanaian Lloys Kayana and Barikisu of Joy Prime.

These two seem to be catching the love fever and it looks kind of every serious.

Lloys Kayana who is a budding talent perusing music in Ghana and is affiliated to Kaywa’s highly Spiritual music looks like he is in Ghana not to do just music but to also find love.

The afrobeats and dancehall artiste in these never seen before pictures was seen cozying with our young TV host Barikisu of Joy Prime.

We have not heard anything bad about Barikisu who is the host of Hot Picks on Joy Prime therefore I cannot confirm whether she is in it for the long run.

Can we say that this is also going to be another celebrity crush turned into love hence may be it might not even last that long.

We are not here to wish doom for these two newly found love birds but we have seen a lot of this kind of celebrity love between a female Ghanaian celebrity and a foreigner.

This kind of relationship makes one ask is it coo that always our Ghanaian female stars go in for foreigners and after some few times their hearts will be broken.

Sometimes one can only ask; there are not guys here in Ghana?

Lloys Kayana, our eyes are on you because we have seen our Ghanaian female stars been hurt so many times that if it is true that there is something going on, we are watching with open eyes.