Capasta - Badabaya ft Gasmilla


Capasta and the King of azonto Gasmilla collaborates once more after their hit song Telemo ruled all occasions, parties and airwaves 2014/15 making it almost a national anthem of Ghana. Capasta’s electrifying unique hausa pijin English rap verse on the telemo had many wondering if he was a mere flash in the pan. He smartly followed up with a single “control” as if to say to the doubters “I got this under control “. The duo seem to deliberately establish their versatile prowess on this big collaboration ‘Badabaya’ , a hausa term meaning ‘ give your back’ or turn your back. More interesting is the fact that Badabaya is produced by Standec the producer of telemo.

On telemo , Gasmilla ft Capasta , Gasmilla sings more and Capasta raps. Now on Badabaya Capasta sings and Gasmilla raps. This seems like a perfect music production love story. Gasmilla rumored to have bought a Range Rover he drives around and Capasta spotted in a new saloon car summarizes the Telemo story in the realms of cash in flow. More interesting is what these two will do next after the next and the next.

Badabaya is groovy with a hypnotic dance fever that grips you from the moment you press play and definitely a perfect Christmas gift to all afrobeat, azonto , hip life and world music lovers. Play on, enjoy and share the love

By: Lukemansho

Capasta – Badabaya (Feat Gasmilla) (Prod by Standec) [DOWNLOAD]