Sarkodie Kula Perry

Celebrity Styling as a profession has lived with Hollywood for ages. However, as I look into Ghana’s fashion and showbiz industry, I have come to realize that most celebrities were used to styling themselves until recently when the concept of Celebrity Styling was introduced. I have also come to realize that, one can put the most amazing lyrics together to make the best song or rap or be the most creative poet but this does not follow that he or she knows how to match the best colours, texture, shape, patterns and design for the right occasion and for the right audience. The need therefore to have someone specialized in the area and to provide the right kind of fashion consultancy to celebrities gave rise to Celebrity Styling in Ghana. I tried to understand this nascent concept and while I went about my duties, one name that kept occurring was Kulaperry. So I set to find out who Kulaperry is and how his work is impacting on Ghanaian celebrities.

Okyeame Kwame Kula Perry

Known in real life as Prince Boamah Kuleape, (Kulaperry) as he is affectionately called is certainly the go-to guy for most celebrities in Ghana including: Okyeame Kwame, Sakordie, Stonebwoy, Kwawkesse, Obrafour, D Black, Ball J, Teephlow and MzVee as they allude to him as professional, affable and creative. Okyeame Kwame speaks of him as a genius whose direction on consultancy even via phone could make one stand out among the lot.



So I inquired what led Kulaperry into the profession as I wondered what was in for a young chap for a nascent profession. According to him, his passion and crave for fashion beckoned him to look into styling for celebrities. He was convinced that ‘’styling has been a part of Ghanaians for long. However, in making it a reality, I foresaw the need to develop it into a trade whereby people could be called Celebrity Stylist and that’s how come Celebrity Styling in Ghana.’’ Kulaperry also explained that Celebrity Styling as an emerging trend in Ghana demands passion and creativity on the part of the stylist. ‘’Having these two qualities dissipates what may appear as challenges because I think these so-called challenges are developing standards.’’

Since Kulaperry hit the scenes over 6 years ago, he has styled for most celebrities who are deemed relevant and trendy in Ghana. His fashion label, Kulaperry Outlook, has the sole aim of branding people with touch. The brand also undertake sales of designer lines in shirts, jeans/pants, shoes, jewelry, body fragrances and a lot more.

Asked about what he sees for the future of Celebrity Styling in Ghana, he said ‘’I see celebrity styling as the new order of the youth in trying to get themselves involved in getting known internationally because we are trying to make our celebrities or personalities well known outside the world so that anywhere they go people will know that they are coming from a nation where celebrities are styled by professionals. ‘’
By: Charles Akrofi