The goal of every artiste is to sustain the interest of their audience after their performances and that is what Choirmaster hopes to achieve as he makes new fans at the Adelaide Fringe festival scheduled for the months of February and March in Adelaide, Australia this year.

The Ghana’s Most Beautiful singer who is scheduled to perform at four venues- Port Dock Brewery, The Parks Community Centre, British PA Riverside Room and Nexus Art Centre says the decision to participate in the festival is a bold step he has taken to sell his music and brand beyond the shores of Ghana.

Already, the artiste who is ready for the task ahead says the opportunity to be part of the festival has boosted his confidence to make “Ghanaian music more attractive to foreign music lovers”.

“I have been privileged to perform on many international platforms but I’m particularly happy because this isn’t just a one day show where the audience will easily forget. For instance, I will be performing between February 17 to March 19 and I think that is a long time to make new followers,” he stated.

For 56 years, the Fringe Festival in Australia has grown to become the Southern Hemisphere’s largest open access arts festival which brings musicians from diverse backgrounds around the world.

The official website of the festival states that its goal is “to attract a diverse range of cutting edge artists who leave the festival fulfilled, happy with the connection they made and audiences they attracted”.

With such a mission, Choirmaster says he’s leaving no stone unturned as he feverishly prepares to wow the guests with songs from his repertoire such as Saved By Grace, Bedroom Cheers among others.

As a solo artiste, Choirmaster who has enjoyed glorious days with the Praye group has graced platforms of many big events in the industry including Ghana Music Awards and also shared the same stage with world celebrated musicians like Nigeria’s 2Face and Akon.

He released his first solo album, Revelations, which had songs such as Pull Him Down, Ghana’s Most Beautiful and Saved By Grace in July 2015.

Currently, Choirmaster is working on the release of his second album after his debut Revelations solo album which had songs such as Ghana’s Most Beautiful, Saved By Grace among others.