Chris Brown The ‘Ghetto Boy’ has always been chased and harassed for smoking, even when he does it in private. But a superstaris always applauded for smoking in public.

For centuries now, they keep telling us “No one is above the law” but that one of the biggest lies in the world. I think is should be said to the kids. Bow Wow stepped in Ghana after being paid millions of cedis to perform in Ghana, later uploaded a video of himself in Ghana on youtube smoking weed in his hotel room.

Another act of disrespect was exhibited last night as the Grammy Award winner, Chris Brown smoked on stage with thousands of people starring and applauding.

After been paid over $1million just to be in Ghana for less than 24hours and performed for less than 2hours, Chris Brown while on stage, shouted “if anybody’s trippin on you smoking weed, f*ck them” not  to mention the repeated use of vulgar language. This exposes how weak our law enforcement authorities are.

The singer lighted a ‘spliff’ right after landing in Ghana and kept journalist who were looking forward to an interview waiting for hours. No press conference was held for him to address fans in Ghana.

Though some Ghanaian got offended by the act, no one was bold enough to question him or say a word.

The Hope City Launch Concert held last night saw the RnB sensation thrilling fans with amazing performance of his hit songs.

A repeated performance with Wizkid was at its best as the two fulfilled the rate being paid.

wait a come Wizkid wasn’t mentioned in the adverts?