The comedy industry for some time now has been on solid grounds. The comedians have displayed times without number how talented they are. They have thrilled audience with back to back rib cracking jokes on every platform they find themselves; be it the night of thousand laughs or any of the comedy club stages.

The only downside about the comedic industry face is the lack of funds. Comedians have complained about how unfunded their sector is and is worrying for them [comedians] because they have raised the standard of their performances but they still get meager pays from organizers. Last year group of comedians were invited to the Showbiz Agenda with Sammy Flex on Zylofon Fm to share their pleas. In that interview, the comedians said a lot but the bottom line discussion was about the need of investors to invest in their sector.

Lekzy DeComic recently has said that he believes comedians can make triple the amount musicians are making. So aren’t investors hearing the voices of these comedians? I would like to discuss this form two points of view; the Comedians and the Investors.

The comedians have been able to raise the standard of their performance. Once upon a time in this country, Ghanaians didn’t want to hear anything about Gh comedy. In recent times, the same people who didn’t like the acts of the comedians have started to love them. Previously, big comedy platforms like night of a thousand laughs and the Easter laughs show used to host only Nigerians, now the Gh comedians are gradually taking over. I believe the comedians have passed the stage to be discussing about the need for investors, I know they need it, but they should concentrate on working on their craft more. With all the noise they have made the past few years, they would be heard by someone somewhere and if they are always distracted with the issue about investors their craft that needs investing wouldn’t be seen.

Also, another excellent way for the comedians to attract investors is when they come together and have an association. With that, their cries would be coming from one place and it would be easy for the investors to find and do business with them. There is an adage that says when you take one broom stick, it is easy to break, but when they are stacked together it becomes difficult to break. So when the comedians come together to form an association, not only would they seem strong as a unit, but their voice would become loud and it would echo inside the ears of prospective investors.

We have lots of investors in the country, but all of them have concentrated their time and effort to the music industry. I am not saying don’t invest in the music sector. What I am saying is, the music sector is not the only entertainment sector in the country. Zylofon media, EIB network, Charter House are part of the biggest media houses in Ghana, what they have in common is they all hold great influence in the entertainment sector. It wouldn’t hurt if one of them took it upon themselves to focus on the comedy industry and if not for anything, make it into a very lucrative one that would have a future.