Koo Ntakra
Koo Ntakra

Report we are gathering online and from inside sources within the camp of young rapper Koo Ntakra has it, there is confusion over management of the artist.

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Ahead of what we have been monitoring all week from the pages of Koo Ntakra which indicates ‘Big Announcement’ coming this week, a series of conflicting posts by the artist manager PapaQuasy Abakah on his official facebook page suggests otherwise. Posts including; “New Management”, “I can only do me and that’s what I did”. End of an era! #NewManagement” clearly indicates there is uncertainty about the future management of the former hitmaker winner.

Our sources tells us, the current team of the artist rejected three (3) different record deals from Ghana, United States and Canada for the artist earlier this year, of which the artist wasn’t too happy about it, and has been looking for an opportunity to part ways, which a current offer made for him might end the long standing relationship between the current team and the ‘Wurewurafour’ hitmaker.
Beginning of this week, Koo Ntakra took down all his profile pictures and cover arts across his social media pages with the constant post about an impending ‘Big Announcement’ which we were told would be for his new upcoming album project, but from the recent posts we anticipate a twist in that regard.
Well we keep our fingers crossed and monitor their pages to give you more as it unfolds.