Conqra, the rising Ghanaian music star, isn’t afraid to get real. His latest single, “BROKE n FAMOUS,” isn’t your typical rags-to-riches anthem. It’s a raw and honest exploration of the struggles of chasing your dreams while facing financial hardship.

The track, originally a solo effort produced by Datbeatgod, felt incomplete to Conqra. He craved a collaborator who shared his “same energy and time for his craft,” and found that in E. Quation, an emerging artist who brings his own unique fire to the song.

This collaboration is a testament to Conqra’s vision for “Ecstasy and Transport,” his upcoming album. This 18-track masterpiece promises to be a journey through his personal growth, from the depths of despair to the ecstatic highs of achievement.

“BROKE n FAMOUS” isn’t just about the struggle; it’s about the unwavering determination to overcome it. It’s the anthem of every artist, entrepreneur, and dreamer who dares to chase their goals despite the odds.

But Conqra doesn’t sugarcoat the reality. The “BROKE” part of the equation is real, and it stings. But it’s the fuel that drives his ambition, the fire that burns bright in his music.

With “Ecstasy and Transport,” Conqra isn’t just making music; he’s creating a movement. He’s inviting listeners to join him on his journey, to share in his struggles and triumphs, and to believe that even when you’re “BROKE,” you can still dream of being “FAMOUS.”

So, crank up the volume, hit play, and let Conqra’s “BROKE n FAMOUS” ignite your own fire. Remember, the road to success might be bumpy, but with talent, determination, and the right collaborators, anything is possible.


Don’t forget to pre-order “Ecstasy and Transport,” dropping March 2024!

P.S. Keep an eye out for the upcoming music video for “BROKE n FAMOUS,” promising a visually stunning experience that will leave you wanting more.