Shatta Wale & Stonebwoy
Shatta Wale & Stonebwoy

Shatta Wale has reacted to Stonebwoy calling him Corporal Nii.
The serial hitmaker commenting on a story which indicated Stonebwoy refered to him as Corporal Nii in Jamaica joked;

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“Chale chale this name no deh be kwraaa ..ah !! my guy change it ..Try anada one … even gbee nabu was a bit ok …Joker!!”
Stonebwoy some months back also reacted to Shatta Wale’s Sergeant Lee lyrics in the smash hit single Taking Over.
The multiple hit factory in a radio interview said;
“Sincerely speaking, I chanced up on the Sergeant Lee thing twice. He told JOY FM. This is the third time I’m hearing it at a very reputable place and I think I have to start wanting to find out its meaning and what its driving at.
Shatta’s lyrics loosely translated says “Sergeant Lee, you are laid back enjoying tea and claim you are in a comfortable lead…”
“Listening to the song, sincerely, I do not hear any shots thrown at me or anybody. Some of the other songs might have thrown shots but thats even allowed once it doesn’t go beyobd certain limits. When it gets personal I will go personal too.
“When you don’t know me personal and you try to make it seem you do then we will have to let you expatiate. Its lyrical. The sergeant Lee lyric, if it means something positive then ‘I take am’ but if it doesn’t then I would like to know what they are talking about. I have done a lot and so may be that’s how the person want to praise me. I have also seen tweets where people call others Corporal Nii.
Written By Isshak Abdullai