It’s been a little over an 8 week period of massive wild fan pressure for Cruked Route’s music after he flaunted on facebook a few enticing photos of his recording session inside the Irie Ites Studio during his voicing of “Dark High” ( a compilation album single he did on the studio’s “Mystic Roots Riddim”), and finally the reggae-rap brother decides to calm the overwhelming pressure with the release of “Ehiende” — a prior hot recording sitting impatiently in his 21 piece song bank.

Though, “Ehiende” was recorded before “Dark High”, yet Cruked Route never announced its availability until this time, but has rather popularised “Dark High” to the public and many followers of his brand have now already readied their curious ears to hear what lyrical content “Dark High” brings for listening.

Well, “Ehiende” comes as a hard play. Perhaps Cruked Route tactically wove it to be that intimidating defensive song set to glorify his game invincibility, sort of making highly terrifying his being the repeat victor of many rematch wars in his life story.

“I don’t follow trends, I just operate in this realm with a different a set of rules”: thus goes an “Ehiende” excerpt that a keen listener of deep rap wouldn’t hesitate to thumb Cruked Route up for in respect for his lyrical novelty and content depth.

Indeed, Cruked Route is a game changer, his definitive “Ehiende” song is coming out to blaze a surprise wild trend that harmoniously bridges reggae and rap. The post-performance praise this song earned from the wowed audience at DJ Nature Won’s “Heights of Reggae Dancehall” is enough evidence that the brand Cruked Route is a stronger grand competition.

“Ehiende” is Ga language word which translates in English as “it is in my possession”. Song comes out this Saturday, 9th September.

AUTHOR: Regula Rebel