OML Nation, the producers of the much anticipated online youth lifestyle talk show entitled “Den Tinz Some”, have announced the official premiere date.

The 19 minutes talk show directed Rems has been scheduled for premiere on Saturday, January 21.

The show seeks to expose the daily lifestyle of Ghanaian youth and brings up for discussion, a myriad of issues such as sexual and reproductive health, social media usage, relationships, education and unemployment among the youth.
The monthly show, which will air on YouTube, also has a variety of locations where they are filmed to reflect the topic for the episode. Each episode features a skit to set the tone for the discussion.

The youth make up a large section of the Ghanaian populace and as such a show specifically dedicated to the issues that affect them is badly needed.

The show features emerging actors such as Johnson, Omani, Abodie aka Azzay, Walter, James Yorke, Trinity, Don Dee, Lisa, Kudi, Nana Danso, and Louisa.

Watch the trailer below.