Popular Ghanaian A&R, Deportee has released his debut single.

Titled “The Truth” the reggae song features Rashid Metal, Abban, Ervidense and songstress Renner.

Produced by Caskeysonit, the classic tune addresses the current economic hardship and encourages young people to take their destiny in their own hands.

“The song talks about the how the economic hardship is taking a toll on the youth of the country and also encourages them to strive hard to achieve success” Deportee said an interview.

“Let’s defend the Ghana flag as Youth instead of fighting for Politicians, there are a lot we can change when we come together as one and fight for a common purpose… we can afford to fail our generation” he added

Known to be a very influential Youth leader in popular Nima, Ras Deportee until recent was the brands manager for dancehall artiste Shatta Wale and also helped in the discovery of such talents in the Nima, Accra Newtwon and Maamobi enclave

Watch the video below: