Dextrous - E Go Bee



Versatile up and upcoming hiphop artist Dextrous of Rap Nation Music releases his debut single titled “E Go Bee”.

Dextrous is a member of the public misfits rap group that went stale in despite their huge success with the realease of their debut mixtape in 2012. However, fueled by his insatiable passion for music and his words-craftsmanship, Dextrous the young emcee known in real life as Richmond Tetteh decided to keep the fire burning by recording and releasing music projects that will eventually propel him to the heights of his musical career.

He says “E Go Bee” which is pigen and means “It shall be well” is just one of such numerous projects that is pending release onto the market.

The song was inspired by life and its diverse situations and man’s endurance to persevere regardless. The song is one that anybody can relate to and is filled with deep peer to peer advice for the youth.


Dextrous – E Go Bee