In recent times, stakeholders in the music business especially have realized and begun to harness the digital music market. Often termed as the new gold mine, the various digital music stores have provided platforms for musicians, producers and creators to sell their music digital to a vast audience across the world.

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Even though Ghana and by extension, the African continent is yet to understand and adopt the concept, there have been a number of workshops by professionals to enlighten creative people. One of such workshops was the just ended GOME Awards Nominees announcement and workshop. The event which took place on June 15 in Accra brought together musicians and other stakeholders in the music business within the Ga Adangme parameters.

Blogger and Digital content manager, Jonathan Nii Laryea,popularly known as Jonilar urged artistes to inculcate digital music marketing in plying their music trade.

He said that the digital music stores where designed to sell and duplicate works.
He noted that most musicians and record labels missed out on the sequence involved with regards to music promotion after production. He made this submission at the just ended workshop organized by the GOME Awards team.

Jonilar indicated that music ought to be licensed ideally by music rights organizations (GHAMRO in Ghana or other online organizations) first. This, he said, was to protect the intellectual property and ensure equitable distribution of proceeds realized from its use.
He also stressed on the importance of growing their organic fan base and alternatively, boosting engagement online.

Jonilar added that being a talented artiste alone wasn’t enough to push the craft to success.
In this vein, he advised musicians to limit the manner in which they make their works free to download. He urged them to embrace the ‘new gold mine’ and increase their fans’ appeal to steer their music careers to fruition.

GOME Awards is an annual award ceremony that seeks to appreciate, encourage and recognize the efforts of the various corporate bodies, individuals, Hospitality Institutions and organizations within the Ga-Dangme entertainment industry for their contributions and support in the development of Ga-Dangme.

The awards night is slated for August 3.