Dj YoGa Out with the "Intro" to his AfroTrap Album Featuring Reed Drago & RCee
Dj YoGa Out with the “Intro” to his AfroTrap Album Featuring Reed Drago & RCee


Most times people turn to limit the boundaries of Ghana Rap music to Hiplife and Afrobeat only But Over the past year Dj YoGa has been experimenting with a new sound called AfroTrap.

Trap Music is well known is the U.S and other parts of the world but Over the past Years Trap Music has grown massively in Africa most especially south Africa,Nigeria and Ghana.

Ghanaians are gradually getting used to partying and listening to Trap Music from Acts like Future,Young thug,Travis scott etc thus Dj YoGa decided to create an african version of Trap with the use of African Instruments and lyrics.

When Dj Yoga was asked how the Name AfroTrap Came to existence, he said “He had spiritual music session with Dexkwasi sometime ago in east legon and during the Session, Dexkwasi brought an argument on Trap music and after exchanging thoughts and ideas Dex said why not make Trap African and call it AfroTrap and ever Since that day We have been experimenting with the Genre.

Dj Yoga said He will always give Credit to Dexkwasi for being the first artist in Ghana and the World to Experiment Afrotrap Music and promoting it to the World.

Dj Yoga stated that he is working on an AfroTrap Album which will feature Acts like Dexkwasi, E.L, Edem, Ayat, Reed Drago, Ayesem, Pure Akan, Cj BiggerMan,Koo Ntakra,Amerado Burner and other young talents he has discovered.

The Intro to the album which features One of fastest Rising Hiphop Artist in Reed Drago and Dagaati Rapper called Rcee who is a member of the group 2kornerz currently making waves in the northern sector.

The Intro describes Afrotrap Music and also urges all music enthusiasts to join in hand with Dj YoGa to Promote the genre to the world.

Dj Yoga believes this Album will put Ghana on the Map as well as pave way for many undiscovered talents. “I am optimistic Ghanaians will embrace the new genre just like they did with other genres” he added.

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