James Robinson who goes by the showbiz name Docta Flow is out with “Chinchinga”. Some people in this life will never mind their own business and will take it upon theirselves to be delving into issues which has nothing to do with them. He advises them on this record to block gossips from their lives and focus on making something meaningful with their lives.
The Acronym DOCTA means = D- Don’t. O- Only C-Complain T- Throughout,A- Act. With help both the young and the old feel good about themselves,understand the dynamics of life and make efforts at achieving their lives’ purpose, through music and entertainment being his miss, there is a lot to come from him. His profession is a lecturer (sound Engineering) at Abbeam University; music producer and and a musician. Enjoy this self produced record here.

Docta Flow – Chinchinga (Feat. Kuami Eugene) (Prod. by Docta Flow) [Download]