Rapper/producer E.L has expressed his disappointment for not being nominated for Artist of the Year in the 2013 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. The rapper who received 5 nominations including Hiplife Song of The Year, Album of The Year, hiplife/hiphop Artist of the Year, Best Rapper and Producer of the Year, did not understand why in spite of these major nominations and the hard work he and his BBNZ label put in for the year under review, he wasn’t nominated for the ‘Big One’.

He said: “It’s a little disappointing because this year has been a year that we have been swimming along, putting in a lot of work at BBNZ; and for not being considered for the Artist of The Year is a little disappointing because we have artists in there who weren’t nominated in any other category but the Artist of the Year. It just baffles me how that works but it’s an organization which we have put our faith in to make the best judgment or selection and apparently that’s what they think works. So we would just go with it and hope that next time around, we will get there!”

E.L is however hopeful of picking up one of the biggest awards on the night, Album of The Year. He explained: “We released a very good album, if I may say so myself. ‘Something Else’ had classic songs from hip-hop to Kwaito to R&B. It’s a melting pot which when anybody picks up will find something they like. So I am looking forward to winning that one!” He assured his fans of more exciting projects and concluded: “Just look out for bigger and better things. If observers say were aren’t working hard enough it means that we are being a little modest and we have to go to hyper mode and take it to the next level”

Source: Ameyawdebrah.com