Eastern Music Awards

Hi5 Empire, the organizers of the Eastern Music Awards, today unveils its new logo for this year’s scheme.

The theme for this year’s EMA Is “Projecting The East through Music” deliberations were made with the board and academy to agree on the selected logo.

The beautiful logo signifies the celebration of excellence in music for a 3rd time running.

This year is expected to be even bigger and better, and with the support of Musiga, PATER (Presenters Association of Eastern Region) and the Media, we believe our target goals would be achieved by the end of the main event.

Also below is the guidelines for the awards to ensure discipline among its processes

Check Out : Kofi Jamar – Mi Dey Up

Eastern Music awards guidelines

The Eastern music awards is an award scheme organized by Hi5 Empire, an event powerhouse with keen interest in organizing high profile events to suit public interest in satisfaction of public demands.
The Eastern music awards have seen 2 successful Editions and preparations are underway for the 3rd edition

Stakeholders and all members of the general public are hereby reminded of some guidelines and regulations governing the scheme to prevent any forms of malpractices.

These guidelines include:
EMA is a human institution and may be involved in few errors therefore any identified error should be communicated to the board through the head of communications for a resolution

There are very respected individuals in the board and those individuals must be respected as such, attempt to dishonor or disrespect the high ranking board would lead to some appropriate sanctions.

The scheme is opened to criticisms and all criticisms should be constructive and well structured not to soil the good image of the scheme.

Any allegations made against the scheme must be proven with high level of evidence not by mere words or personal attacks.

When a stakeholder has a grievance, it should be channeled through the right people rather than making public outcries that would undermine the credibility of the board.

Sanctions like nomination withdrawal and suspensions can be applied to anyone who soils the name of the scheme.

Any member of the organizing team who consistently muddies the name of the scheme is open to disciplinary sanctions which would ensure sanity in the ethical structures of the award scheme.