eazzybaby After the Ghanaian rapper Eazzy finally came out to deny to the world that she revealed the source of her breakup with boyfriend, Keitta, over the fact that he was caught ‘messing around’ with Tinny’s former boo; the rapper has decided to spark the fire brand to her fans who have waited for so long to see what she’s got on the face of it.

The Big Brother Stargame rep has decided to move on with her life. She has come out to say that she will not talk about Keitta (or men in general) anymore because she wants to concentrate on her romance with music.

Still on this issue, she pleaded with the Ghanaian media to rather concentrate on her craft and desist from mystifying her with demeaning publicity over her breakup. But rather help in drawing her closer to the fans who she has promised to toddle with.

In her words, “I will continue to share with my followers and fans on my social sites information about my tours, and upcoming events.”

Over the weekend she immediately dashed into the studios to take ‘hot’ shots for her forthcoming album – Bad2DaBone which has the single, ‘Scream’.

To keep to her promise of engaging her fans first on whatever she will be doing, she released these sassy bear-it-all promo photos.

Is she hot or not?

Source: Adeyemi Adebayo Victor-GhanaWebeazzy